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Slip & Fall COF Testing

DNA Floor Surgeons an independent, third-party, walkway auditing firm providing professional comprehensive walkway surface analysis to residential & commercial facilities.

Slippery surfaces, improper footwear, inadequate hazard identification, insufficient training, inattentiveness, construction deficiencies, claimant physiology, and fraud are among the many underlying reasons for slip and fall claims against property owners.

The classic slip and fall claim alleges building-related deficiencies that caused the slip or fall event to occur. The claims professional is faced with the examination of the premises and the determination as to the validity of the claim to initiate the investigation. An analysis of the premises is a cost-effective first step.

Measurements of critical dimensions, frictional aspects of the stairs or floors, lighting levels, and coefficient of friction (COF) testing, all yield factual information needed in slip and fall events.

Three major ingredients of the slip and fall events revolve around the friction between the floor and the claimant’s shoe, the physical configuration of the accident scene, and/or lighting of the scene.

Coefficient of friction/slip testing of surfaces is utilized when a slip and fall accident is investigated. For this purpose, we utilize up-to-date and current tribometers that meet recognized industry standards, such as the BOT 3000E, to determine the traction provided by a walking surface. The BOT 3000E can measure both static and dynamic coefficient of floor friction on a variety of test sliders in both wet and dry conditions. The tribometer is highly mobile and can be taken to the actual location of the slip and fall event where other environmental conditions can be reproduced and tested as well.

We recommend being proactive before slip and fall events occur. Walkway surfaces should be periodically monitored for any possible changes to the surface due to daily usage over time.

Whether you are taking a proactive approach or your have experienced a slip & fall event, contact us to discuss your needs.