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Concrete Moisture Testing

Floor covering and applied coating manufacturers will not warranty their products from moisture related failures and most if not all specify that concrete substrates, regardless of age should be tested for moisture & alkalinity before being installed. Certified independent third party testing is a fraction of the cost of replacing a failed floor.

Moisture can be introduced into flooring system from everything from leaking plumbing to a natural disaster, and it is also important to recognize the most subtle sources of moisture as well “naturally” occurring moisture in the concrete slab. Understanding how moisture interacts with the flooring material selected is the foundation of a successful installation.

When a flooring system fails due to moisture-related problems, the first necessity is to locate the source of moisture, which may require additional testing depending on the findings, and the best line of defense is accurate moisture testing.

DNA Floor Surgeons is one of the leading firms in concrete moisture testing. DNA utilizes current standards and testing protocols. Our equipment meets current OSHA silica requirements, and use the most up-to-date testing equipment in the industry.

Whether you are taking a proactive approach or your flooring system failed, contact us to discuss your situation.