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Insurance Claims

Hiring an independent inspector or auditor means we work exclusively for our client, whereas the insurance company’s adjuster has loyalty and obligation to their employer. Because this is our everyday job, an inspector or auditor is familiar with the claims process and terms that you may not be aware of when settling or attempting to settle a claim on your own due to your inexperience.

At times some policyholders are not adequately reimbursed by their insurer for their loss because their claim was not prepared properly, or details were overlooked by the adjuster. An inspector or auditors’ job is to obtain the facts to help settle the clients claim.

Property damage and slip & fall insurance claims are not for the inexperienced; they take time, effort, dedication, knowledge of the industry, and a certain skillset with the proper equipment to complete the forensic analysis and present the data.

DNA Floor Surgeons has worked with numerous insurance companies and policyholders to assist in settling claims or when a completely independent second opinion is needed. Contact us to discuss your needs and how DNA Floor Surgeons can assist you.