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Expert Witness

DNA Floor Surgeons is recognized as an expert witness firm throughout the United States.

An expert witness is not called to testify because of prior involvement in activities that provoked the litigation. Our role is to help clients understand technical and complex forensic matters and explain how these complexities apply to their case.

DNA services include mediation, arbitration, litigation, consulting and testimony for slip & fall events, flooring specifications, failures, insurance, and installation compliance claims. Our team of experts is highly experienced in all facets of ADA, slip & fall, floor covering applications. We assist attorneys, litigants, and courts to help resolve litigation disputes.

As a consultant, we can assist the litigation team in developing their strategy by providing professional guidance on the core issues of the case that may not be apparent early in the litigation process.

DNA has extensive experience and expertise in performing slip & fall, and flooring evaluations with onsite forensics, diagnostics, and investigations related to design, installation, and defects. This experience provides us the insights required to properly identify causation of slip & fall events and the effects of floor failures. Knowing where to look and how to proceed can be critical.

These may include assistance with identifying proper maintenance products and procedures, manufacturing materials, installation procedures, warranty coverage, forensic evidence gathering, quantification of damages, and preparation for depositions and discovery.

As an expert witness, DNA certified professionals not only brings the depth of experience and qualifications needed – we also bring a great deal of focus and professionalism to the case. We understand our client’s needs and objectives and are prepared to help our clients navigate through the litigation process.

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