Corrective Services

Does the carpet have to be replaced? Does the end-user have to be inconvenienced because they have to go through the mess of tearing out the old carpet and installing the new one? And....there can always be another concern that needs to be addressed. Or...what if the condition was caused by the end-user...wouldn't it be cheaper to perform a repair then doing a complete replacement?

These are some of the things that need to be considered.

The following are all of the corrective services that DNA Floor Surgeons offers for both commercial and residential carpet.


This is a technique that can be used to replace missing tufts or loops, individually or in a row, within the field of the carpet.

Hole in the Carpet

A hole in the carpet can be repair using several techniques, depending on the size of the area, the product construction, and how it's installed.

repair pic
Color Loss

Many colors are missing in this picture, which can be fixed using a dying system. And...this will not fade or negate any of the manufacturer's warranties.

repair picSidematch

Seams are an interruption to the manufacturing process and something that can not be avoided. There are times where there is a shading difference from seam to seam that can be corrected in the field without replacement...even with this many colors.


repair pic


When there are tufts higher or lower than the surrounding carpet surface, this technique can be used to bring them to the same level. Shearing is part of the manufacturing process and has been adapted to do in the field.


repair picSteaming

Lighter or darker colored bands typically from roll crush can be corrected using live steam. The thing to remember that live steam is much hotter than truck-mounted steam and required to reorient the pile surface.

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