Carpet inspections....requires the understanding of so many aspects of carpet....from the materials, to the manufacturing, to the installation, to the maintenance, and finally the expectations. Without this understanding, diagnosing the causes of certain conditions during the inspection of carpet can be difficult.

Following are just a few examples of how the same condition may have many different causes.


What causes these dark spots?

Can it be surfactants or spin finish from manufacturing? Can it be residue from cleaning attempts? Or...can it be locally caused?


Discoloration at a Seam

What is the cause of this condition?

Can it be something foreign to the carpet? Can it be an issue with the dyeing of the carpet? Can it be an issue with the shearing process? Can it be fading? Or...can it be the carpet is turned in the wrong direction?

rippling pic Ripples/Wrinkles

What causes these ripples/wrinkles?

Can it be a problem with the backing system? Is the carpet installed properly? If so, by who's guidelines? Could there be a moisture condition? Or...Can there be an issue with the ambient air conditions?

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